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Texas A&M Ring Day


Today is Ring Day at my Alma Mater Texas A&M University. This is the day when thousands of Ags pick up their Aggie Ring. The oldest known ring was made in 1889. With very few changes the ring has remained relatively the same design. You have to be eligible for an Aggie RIng with your degree already posted. It isn’t cheap. It’s covered for a lifetime.

The Aggie Ring is covered in symbolism. The top and both sides are rich with detail covering U.S. patriotism, Texas pride, personal endeavors such as excellence My favorite part is the laurel leaves to show achievement and to represent peace and the live oak leaves to represent the strength to fight. The two join together to show the desire to serve. 

I sweat blood and tears for my ring. Graduating from such a tough academic school is one of my top ten accomplishments. I couldn’t even afford my ring and my inlaws bought most of it for me. I don’t take it off. It’s reminder of what really hard work and perseverance can produce. 

The honor of attending Texas A&M was such a blessing and one completely unknown to me when I graduated from high school. I have so many wonderful memories of meeting life long friends, experiencing things I had never thought possible, and growing rabidly in my faith through Aggies for Christ. The opportunities afforded to me from graduating from such a prestigious school are incredible. 

I worked my tail off for my ring and believe me, I am SO grateful for being graded on the curve most of the time. I give a big ‘ole WHOOP out to the thousands of students today who are earning their ring. Welcome to one of the most recognizable and significant collegiate networks. Well done Ag!! 



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