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Random thoughts on chicken faith

I have been given a vision. Clear as day.

Yet I’ve only been given a pen light to see the path through the forest at night.

The purpose is easy to see.

Yet I walk by blind faith because the path is short sighted.

My confidence is in the Father of my salvation.

Yet I’m distracted by the father of lies.

I believe with my whole heart I am within His will.

Yet my mind questions The Plan.

My heart leaps at the dream.

Yet my body is paralyzed by fear.

I say He can move mountains.

But I still roll a mustard seed around with my finger willing it to be something more than it is.

There is a lack of trust that leads to trusting in what I don’t see that keeps me going.

It’s being afraid but not fearful.

I Corinthians 16:3

 Keep your eyes open,

hold tight to your convictions,

give it all you’ve got, be resolute,

Chicken faith is still faith.



I help people and organizations get unstuck. I prefer to avoid the muck as well. Whether in personal lives, organizations, business leaders, or parents I pose suggestions to keep everyone moving forward.

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