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The Top 6 Things the Intrawebs Taught Me Today About Women In Leadership

I am not interested in the rest of the world realizing that the entire planet actually is run by women who do not have the actual titles or pay to back that up. If men are ever given the honor of carrying life I might change my mind. However, I am interested in many aspects of female leadership such as those situations that a woman is recognized as a leader, how women define success, how the world defines success for women, how women’s leadership styles differ from their male counterparts.

I enjoy looking up facts and searching for trends through articles and reports. Here is a very top level reflection of what the intrawebs showed me today concerning these topics.

*Forbes reported on March 7, 2016 that almost four in ten businesses in G7 countries have no women in senior management positions.

*In 1966 there were no female U.S. Senators as compared to the 60 women in office as of 2017 according to Center for American Women and Politics, Rutgers University and U.S. House of Representatives.

*In the nonprofit sector, women are relatively well represented. They make up 75 percent of the nonprofit workforce but just 43 percent of the CEOs (Stillman, 2015) as reported in the AAUW report entitled Barrier and Bias: The Status of Women Leadership

*I recognized a little under half of Forbes list of  28 of the most powerful women in the world. 

*9 qualities that female leaders bring to the table are calmness, intuition, fairness, compassion, intelligence, flexibility, courage, confidence, and decisiveness

*Every list of the habits of highly successful women include writing down their goals. 

*According to a 2013 survey by Citi and LinkedIn  leading to a Report titled ‘Today’s Professional Woman Report’ when it comes to defining success, 96% of women think that they can have it all and from that percentage, 66% equate ‘having it all’ with being in a strong loving marriage. Women considered reaching the height of success in their field a factor in defining success while money ranked second in terms of how women define success. Further, 73% of women factor children into their definition of success. The number of women who say their definition of success is not linked to marriage or relationships has increased since 2012.

What facts surprised you? What are your thoughts or experiences in those situations that a woman is recognized as a leader, how women define success, how the world defines success for women, and how women’s leadership styles differ from their male counterparts?


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