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I don’t have anything innovative to say.

You may find yourself in a similar position as me. A cool thing has ended and you are waiting around for the next cool bus to jump on. Maybe it’s a project. Maybe it’s a job. Maybe it’s a calling. Maybe it’s just a feeling that something is coming down the line. I may not have anything innovative to say But I do just want to remind you of three things if you are in a holding pattern.

  1. Do something. Twiddling your thumbs may be all the energy you can pull up after this last phase of your life ended but do something. Sometimes doing nothing is the best thing you can do but don’t let that dictate your everyday existence. Do what only you can do. Write, call, create, organize, research use some brain cells during this waiting time. Learn a little something new.
  2. Don’t go to pot. Literally or figuratively. Take care of yourself. If something has ended in your life then something is definitely about to happen. We are always in preparation for the next stage. Do you need to rest more? Sit on the patio and read a book? Hold a baby? Drink more water? Eat pizza with friends? Take a social media break? Actually exercise? Cut out the sugar? Meditate? Pray? I know for me, the last few weeks have been re-connecting with friends and family to build an anchor for my soul. It’s also been important to move into disciplined and consistent exercise.
  3. Don’t beat yourself up. We have created a vicious un-loving culture centered around DOING rather than BEING. Just as you never what to get Number 2 confused with Number 1 in bathroom life Don’t get number 3 on this list confused with number 1. We have fallen for this trap that if we are doing something then we must have value. It has to be something big. Something important. Something highly instagrammable. If a season of your life has ended that took up much of your identity it is easy to fall into a pit of despair when “That Thing” is over. I know for myself I have had those stupid self-pity sessions starting with “I don’t have anything to offer that anyone would want anyway.” Thus, one of many reasons I have picked up my blog again.

There really is a time for everything. Time for waiting. Time for healing. Time for grieving. Time for dreaming. Use this time that you have to gear up for the next BIG Important Deal in your life! Let me know what’s working or not working for you.


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It’s not as if joy can’t inter-mingle with sadness

There is certain layer of sadness embalmed in all of us.

It’s not as if joy can’t inter-mingle with sadness.

We can’t have one without the other. Our emotions are not an either/or. It’s just which one is higher up in the slide deck.

We are all going through or going through again one stage of grief or another.

A loss of something: death, relationship, family, job, innocence, dream, time, expectation, rights, eyesight, money, youth

But because of our pace of life or what others will think or perceptions or upbringing we sometimes passively aggresively stuff that sadness and grief down so far in our souls that only our eyes have a slight reflection of what is going on inside of us.

For me, music helps free those emotions so they don’t become toxic. I’ve currently circled back to Yo Yo Ma playing Ennio Morricone. I believe Morricone is one of the most talented composers of our times because he can take this God given emotions and put them to incredibly rich compositions.

This song today may have brought a few tears rolling down my cheeks this afternoon. Maybe you need it for happy tears. Maybe you need it for permission to actually admit you are sad and things haven’t turned out like you thought it would. Maybe you’re just curious about what might invoke tears. No matter, just find a quiet space and enjoy